Looking Forward

4 Jan 2015

I have a post in another branch that was written to reflect on 2014 and to set some personal objectives for 2015. Reading it back however, it seemed a bit doom and gloom, when really, all I wanted to do was look forward to 2015. So, here we are with another, much tamer version.

Last year was chaotic for me and my family. We moved house twice, I had three different jobs, we had numerous health issues both physically and mentally and to some degree I lost focus with many aspects of my life.

I am determined to get things back on track this year.

I have a solid employment contract that is paying well enough that my wife has gone back to working casually so she can invest more time with our son. This contract will see me through most of the year, beyond that, I am forming a much stronger plan of attack of what I want to achieve when the contract does indeed end.

Goals for the year ahead:

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